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GCH Honorbuls Pawnstar A.K.A. Chumlee 

Chumlee was the dog that started it all at Carlova Bulldogs. His history goes back to wonderful examples of bulldogs we strive to replicate. He produced top-quality dogs with amazing temperaments. Chumlee was OFA health-tested, and he was awarded a platinum health award at the Bulldog Nationals in 2013. He had a heart of gold, and a spark for living his best life. 

Honorbuls Chica Carlova A.K.A. Chica

Our current momma of the house. Chica is the most cuddly happy go lucky, and sweet tempered girl. She has produced some lovely puppies! Looking forward to getting her back into the show ring once the covid restrictions are lifted!

Honorbul's Choice Bit of Calico Carlova A.K.A Etta

Etta is a Chica x Sampson baby we raised. She is a ball of fun that loves to play! Etta is living with our friends at Honorbuls! Check out their page for more information on other bulldog family members!

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